The FeedBlitz API: Email Parsers

Email parsers allow FeedBlitz to add email addresses to a mailing list based on a notification email from any third party solution. FeedBlitz grabs the incoming email notification using a “parser,” splits it up into its component parts, then extracts the data to add the subscriber (and other information about the subscriber) to a list.

Programming Required: None
API Key Needed: No
Best suited for: Site publisher, web admin / designer
Skill level: Intermediate
Good for: Adding a subscriber from a third party product or service

You need to be able to manage notifications from the third party system, or set up email forwarding from your inbox, so that you can get the email notification (e.g. a product purchase) to the relevant email address in FeedBlitz (Careful! Some third party systems will need the FeedBlitz email address to be opted in to their email database; that’s OK, just don’t forget to do it!).

Parser Configuration Process

Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Print out a sample notification email from your third party product or service.
  2. Log into your account at FeedBlitz. Pick the list you want to pick up the new subscriber from the dashboard.
  3. From the “Subscriber Management” tile, select “Parsers” from the options in the footer.
  4. Set up the parser according to the email you printed out. Have the parser configured to always email the account holder’s email address. Use the popup help options by each field on the screen to help guide you. If you need help doing this, contact FeedBlitz tech support.
  5. Manually forward your sample email (the one you printed in (1)) to the parser’s email address. In about a minute it will email you with information about whether it worked or not.
  6. Fix any issues from (5) and repeat.
  7. Enable automatic forwarding of emails from your third party service.
  8. Once you’re Ok that it’s all working correctly, change the parser’s email notifications to you to be on mismatches only.

What Happens

FeedBlitz interprets the email notification according to the rules you define. If a new subscriber’s email is detected, FeedBlitz adds the subscriber to, or removes them from, the specified list, as well as any tags (which are added as custom fields with the value “1”).

If a subscriber is added to a list, FeedBlitz starts the dual opt-in process (which means that parsers are not ideal if the third party service has already performed a dual opt-in cycle). If the parser is attached to an autoresponder, for example when the notification is from a shopping cart and you want to thank the subscriber for purchasing, the sequence starts immediately.