The FeedBlitz REST API

The REST API is an XML-based API. It is, like FeedBlitz itself, complex and at times may be challenging to use. For simple use cases, such as integrating a FeedBlitz subscription mechanism into your site or service, we recommend using one of the APIs I’ve already covered this week, or a plugin / widget that has already done the work for you.

If you’re building such a plugin, widget or tool, then depending on your use cases you may need to delve into the REST API in some depth.

Programming Required: Yes
API Key Needed: Yes
Best suited for: Web developer, plugin developer
Skill level: Intermediate to Advanced
Good for: Programmatic control over almost all FeedBlitz capabilities

The REST API has lots of features relating to detailed list settings, subscribers and more, so plugin developers can use it to discover a publisher’s lists and custom fields, for example. Although the REST API is rich and complex, these basic tasks are fairly easy to do, especially if you’re only reading data, since that requires nothing more than the ability to parse basic XML and send a simple HTTP GET request in your code.

The full API is documented in a PDF, available for download from