There are inappropriate or offensive ads in my mailings

FeedBlitz inserts ads from third party services into mailings for FeedBlitz publishers using our ad-funded service, or standalone subscriptions. FeedBlitz has no direct control over individual ads; the services we use figure out which ads they think will perform best when they’re served. Usually the matches are pretty good.

Because we have no direct control over these services, however, we cannot block any one ad or web site from either FeedBlitz as a whole or any individual mailing. The only way to prevent ads in a FeedBlitz mailing if you don’t like what is served or you want complete control over your content is to upgrade to our affordable paid services. Pricing and information on upgrades are at Newsletters | Upgrades.

If you have upgraded and ads are appearing in your content then you have FeedBlitz’s opt-in ad network enabled. Disable it at Earnings | Earn from Ads | Ads in your Mailings.