Three Fundamentals of Facebook Marketing

Facebook MarketingWith a sixth of our planet currently on Facebook, you don’t need any introduction to the Big Daddy of social media that single handedly (well, almost) made brands rethink their marketing strategies and fork out their marketing dollars.

Yes, yes, Mark Zuckerberg is a genius.

But if you’re using Facebook marketing, you’re pretty smart yourself. And you’re in good company.

Here’s what the bean counters tell us:

“Sixty-five percent of marketers cited an increased social media budget in 2013.” ~ Nielsen

??Ninety-three percent of US companies use social media to promote their business.” ~ FastCompany

Step 1: You have set up a brand page for your business on Facebook.

Step 2: You have also started posting updates about your product/service on Facebook.

But, are people listening to you? Do you have fans engaging in conversation with your brand? Do your fans just sit there on your page or do they actually contribute to your bottom-line?

Let’s understand how to get the basics right and then we’ll move on to how you can make the most of your Facebook page:

Facebook Marketing Basics: Objective, Process, Tools

The basic objective of being on any medium “ not just a social platform like Facebook “ is to get customers to buy from you. All the different things we do as marketers and business owners is simply aimed at that one Holy Grail “ conversions.

Are we on the same page here?

So how do you go about getting customers who will buy from you over and over again, via Facebook?

  • Build a great page
  • Build a fan base
  • Engage the fan base
  • Convert fans into customers

Steps two, three, and four are what you will do consistently through the lifetime of your brand in order to keep getting more and more customers.

You have the most to gain by sticking to the basics of Facebook marketing “ right from making the first sale to squeezing out the last drop of profit.

Have Conversations

Yes, you want your fans to become your customers. But if you use Facebook as a medium to broadcast your marketing messages, you can forget about ever converting a single fan into buying something from you.

Your fans are people first, your potential customers later. Talk to them, not at them. Nobody likes being talked at. When you start talking to your customers, you’re telling them that you’re their friend.

That is when you open the doors to them trusting your brand with their cash.

Provide Instant Customer Service

Customers who have a problem with your product will usually try and reach you via your help line number or email. It is only when they do not get satisfactory solutions (or in some cases, any solutions) to their problems that they voice their concerns on social media. So, understand that by the time they are highlighting issues via Facebook, they are already a little frustrated with your brand.

??25% of consumers who complain about products on Facebook or Twitter expect a response within 1 hour.” ~ American Express Open Forum

Make the most of the chance to reach out to them one on one. A delay in responding to or totally ignoring a complaining customer, results in consequences that are often not pretty.

All major brands are taking customer service on Facebook very seriously. You should too.

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Over to you

Facebook is a platform whose power is not very well understood. Going from a handful of disengaged fans to a flourishing community that contributes directly to your bottom-line is not rocket science.

All it takes is a pinch of dedication, a dash of hard work and a big helping of creativity.