Tying it All Together – Beefing up FeedBlitz Autoresponders, Part 3

In the first part of this three post autoresponder series I announced the following new features for FeedBlitz’s autoresponders:

  1. Custom landing pages for autoresponder subscribers;
  2. Custom confirmation emails;
  3. Event rules and triggers;
  4. New “On completion” event trigger.

In the second post, I talked about our AWeber-compatible email parser capability, enabling simple third party shopping cart and form integration.

This last post shows you how to tie them all together. Here’s the scenario:

  • You want to thank your store’s purchasers with a coupon and then a three part “how to” series;
  • At the end of the series you want to add them to your full mailing list (so they don’t get too much mail while they’re in the autoresponder)
  • You want to do this with minimal unsubscribe or spam complaints.

Here’s how.

  1. Create your autoresponder and define the sequence of articles;
  2. Create a custom landing page on your site where you deliver the coupon on your site, and tell the autoresponder about it;
  3. Set up an trigger event on the autoresponder to subscribe people to your main mailing list on completion.
  4. Use the custom confirmation (the dual opt-in activation) email to tell people that there’s a coupon waiting for them and all they have to do to get is to click the confirmation link.
  5. Set up the parser for the autoresponder to watch for notification emails from your shopping cart, which kicks the whole process off.

What happens is this.

  1. The visitor makes a purchase from your store – hooray!
  2. The parser picks up the notification from your shopping cart, and sends the opt-in confirmation email to the subscriber.
  3. This opt-in email is the one you customized, telling the user about the goodies they are going to get if they click the activation link.
  4. The user confirms, and two things happen:
    • The first email in the autoresponder sequence is sent.
    • They are sent to your custom landing page to pick up the offer.
  5. They get remaining articles in your series over the next few days.
  6. When the last one goes out, the “completion” event occurs, subscribing the user to your regular mailing list, where you can build upon the trust you’ve already created between you and the buyer.

Not much work to set up, but what you get at the end is a powerful, fully automated email marketing solution that builds trust with – and who knows, maybe some extra revenue from – your new purchaser.