TypePad Enables FeedBlitz, Replaces FeedBurner Option in TypePad Dashboards

This morning we’re announcing that FeedBlitz has become the new RSS feed service available to TypePad publishers. FeedBlitz has replaced FeedBurner as the RSS provider option in every TypePad blog’s feed settings dashboard.

Why is this important? Well, it’s great news for TypePad publishers who want to:

  • Measure and manage their RSS feed’s audience;
  • Increase engagement via a FeedBlitz RSS feed’s social sharing, embedded comments and related posts capabilities;
  • Monetize their feed using FeedBlitz’s opt-in RSS ad program;
  • Replace FeedBurner with a vibrant, active, capable, supported, RSS service.

Switching from FeedBurner is completely under the control of the TypePad blogger. It’s really, really easy for TypePad publishers to set up, too. Here’s how:

First, create a FeedBlitz version of your FeedBurner feed using FeedBlitz’s unique FeedBurner migration tools. Once done, integration with a TypePad blog couldn’t be easier: Give TypePad the FeedBlitz feed URL and save! (The capability also works if you’re using TypePad but not FeedBurner; just start by telling FeedBlitz about your TypePad blog instead).

If you’re a TypePad blogger and don’t already have a FeedBlitz account, there’s a discount code available in your dashboard. It’s a sweet deal – check it out (I hid the discount code below – you’re going to have to log in to get it!):

That’s great news for TypePad publishers. Obviously, we’re thrilled that TypePad has created a platform-level integration with FeedBlitz, especially this week, their tenth aniversary. We’re both proud and grateful that TypePad has recognized that FeedBlitz is the natural option to offer instead of FeedBurner. TypePad’s roster of influential clients include none other than Seth Godin, who said this last week about FeedBlitz:

Feedblitz is a reliable, handmade alternative to Feedburner and other corporate solutions”

Seth switched his TypePad RSS feed to FeedBlitz from FeedBurner last week, using this new TypePad feature.

We expect the exodus from FeedBurner to accelerate, and as this partnership with TypePad proves, whether you’re an individual blogger or a platform provider looking for a FeedBurner replacement, FeedBlitz is the default FeedBurner alternative solution. We look forward to working with you.