Using Funnels to Help you Sell

Over the past few weeks we’ve introduced you to Funnels and shown you how to get started with your first automatic email series. While these automatic emails are great for staying in touch with your subscribers, they can also be used as a means to generate passive income on a consistent basis.

Consider this scenario: You’ve stumbled on a great, new site and begin devouring the content. You notice they have an eBook available for purchase with even more great content you can’t get on their site. The process seems simple enough, you make the purchase and the content arrives in your inbox as promised, all without having to speak directly to someone. This is a Funnel at work.

Another instance would be signing up for an email course where you will receive content over a series of weekly or bi-weekly emails. Where are those emails coming from? You guessed it – they’re coming at you courtesy of Funnels. No manual sending required.

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? It is and it’s also very simple to get started as well! Let’s take a closer look at these two options and a few more ways Funnels can help you in selling:

  • The one-time purchase. If you have an eBook or archived lecture you are interested in offering for a fee, a Funnel can be used to deliver this content. FeedBlitz is fully integrated with PayPal which allows our publishers to use what is called a Parser to trigger your Funnel which sends the content once the purchase has been completed. A true set-it-and-forget-it option, this can generate income for you as long as you have the content available and market it optimally.

    •  Take the one-time purchase a step further by incorporating a follow-up email in your Funnel Sequence a week later suggesting another related item they may be interested in purchasing since they enjoyed their initial purchased product so much!

  • The email course. Similar to the one-time purchase, the email course is triggered by a Parser which begins the Funnel once the purchase is complete. The difference in this option is the Funnel is a sequence of emails sending the content gradually, over a predetermined time frame. This option can require extra setup in terms of creating the content and emails for the series, however, email courses have shown to be great passive income generators for many of our publishers.

Pro Tip: Want to keep your purchased offerings or opt-ins separate from your main mailing lists? Create a Standalone Funnel and allow your readers to subscribe directly to it. (Don’t worry, we’ll help you create a rule to add all subscribers to your main mailing list once the series is complete.) Learn how to do this here!

  • The product launch / sales funnel. Many online marketers use Funnels to ignite interest and deliver free content associated with an upcoming product launch. You can gather email addresses well before this series starts and establish a target start date for your Funnel to begin. Delivering content in this way engages your target readers and can increase your chances of a successful product launch.

  • The affiliate link email. We may have mentioned this a time or two here on the FeedBlitz Blog, but we’re big affiliate fans and allow you to be as well. Funnels are a great way to keep it fresh in your readers’ minds which services and products are your affiliates. While this is less direct than the previous options, the affiliate email can still produce a viable, passive form of income.

  • Cross-promotion of products, posts, and services. Do your readers know all of your services and products you offer? Did you do a blog post series in the past you would like to remind them about? Sending Funnels throughout the year (1-2 a month) will keep your subscribers engaged and fully aware of everything you offer.

    • This is especially beneficial should you have separate mailing lists pertaining to categories or services. You can strategically introduce these readers to another facet of your work by crafting an email showing the relation and what value they can receive from broadening their subscription to their site.

Whether directly or indirectly, our publishers have used the Funnels feature to increase sales and reader engagement across the board. From beginning bloggers to big time businesses, all it takes is a little planning, the initial setup and you’re all set to start turning your content into income generators with Funnels.

Interested in learning how to set up a Funnel attached to a purchase or have questions on any of our other FeedBlitz features? Send us an email at, chat, check out our Help Forum, or give us a call at 1.877.692.5489. Our Support and Sales Desk is available Monday – Friday from 9 am to 5 pm EST.

Do you have a Funnels Success Story? Send us an email We’d love to hear more about your experience and your site may even be featured on the FeedBlitz blog!


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