Using Email Automation for Better Events

Automated email with invitation to event.

Events are a great way to grow your audience while increasing brand awareness. From the smallest webinar for a part-time blogger to an annual conference for a big business, events take time and energy to set up and execute. Each person involved in the process is a potential subscriber, sale, or client.

If your goal is to have a successful event, it’s incredibly important to use all the necessary tools available, and that includes email marketing.

Why You Should Use Email Marketing to Supercharge Events

Email marketing – especially using email automation – can help you bring in more attendees, automate the signup, and RSVP process. Here’s how:

  • Invitations: Have a mailing list ready to go? Send out a batch of invitations through email marketing that includes RSVP confirmations to build your guest list.
  • Confirmation: Confirm attendance to have a running list of attendees to plan the scope of the event without having to guess how many pamphlets to print or drinks to pour. Use links to move them into an RSVP mailing list or link through Zapier (see below) for ease of tracking.
  • Countdowns: Build excitement amongst attendees as the event draws closer. Use the momentum of the number of sign-ups and scarcity (such as “only 5 tickets left!”) to encourage sharing and sign-ups.
  • Notifications: Keep attendees in the loop about the event so they don’t forget, and quickly pass along any changes to the event’s time or location.
  • Follow-ups: Of course, it doesn’t end after the event. Follow up by marketing the subject of the event through your solutions, offers, products, or services. You can also follow-up with no-shows and place them into the appropriate marketing funnels.

Let’s highlight this with an example:

You’re opening up a new location for a chain of restaurants and want to get people to attend the grand opening. Friends and family, investors and business partners will only fill so many seats. To bring in more, you leverage your current patrons at your other locations, asking them to join you for the grand opening.

First, you send out the initial group of invitations to those interested, along with others in your emails lists such as newsletter subscribers and those who follow you for events. Then you set up trigger emails to confirm their attendance and an email sequence to remind them as the grand opening approaches and to follow-up with a thank you for their attendance.

FeedBlitz funnel for email automation follow-ups after an event.

Here’s one of our easy email funnel recipes to use following up with an event.

Integrating Your Event Management Platform

Now, email marketing isn’t your only tool when it comes to event planning. There are many event planning apps out there that can help you manage your guest lists and sign up invitees. Luckily for you, FeedBlitz email automation doesn’t stop with sequences and reply emails. Using Zapier, FeedBlitz can integrate with event planning software like Eventbrite, allowing you to quickly coordinate between the two.

If you’ve checked out our post on integrating FeedBlitz with Zapier, you’re already familiar with zaps – the automated if/when triggers that pass information back and forth from FeedBlitz to apps like Eventbrite. Using it here allows you to easily create email groups for those who are attending, tracking those who check in to move them to other mailing lists, and more.

Check out the screenshot below for more examples zap integrations with FeedBlitz.

Track Event Attendees with Tags

A “tag” is any piece of information other than an email address of a subscriber. Not only useful for basic information like a name or what subscription method someone used, but tags can also be used to better customize and target your customers.

Applying various tags to an attendee’s email helps you not only send targeted emails leading up to the event but sets the stage to retarget these subscribers in the future.

Some Examples of Useful Event Email Tags

Some ideas for using tags with your event emails include:

  • New subscribers who’ve joined your list during the invitation process.
  • Subscribers who attended the event – and the opposite: people on your list but didn’t go.
  • Subscribers who confirmed via RSVP but didn’t make it to the event. Especially useful for webinar follow-ups!
  • Subscribers who joined your mailing list while at the event.

Examples on the FeedBlitz ESP of Zapier integrations.

Check out our post about the 4 Tags to Help You Send Better Emails and make sure to check out our Knowledge Base article on custom tags and fields.

Using Groups to Send Targeted Event Emails

Groups allow you to create new segments of emails and use those segments to shape your mailings.

This is perfect when it comes to events because you can create groups of attendees to send event updates, easily and then quickly follow-up with attendees. Simply choose your criteria based on the tags you’ve created for the event, create a new group, and you’re ready to send a personalized email.

See our Knowledge Base article for an overview of groups and how to start using them today.

Subscribe by Text: Turn Attendees into Subscribers

If you want to get people to sign up for your mailing lists, you might as well make it as easy as possible. Live events and webinars are a great opportunity to use a powerful email marketing tool: subscribe by text.

Perfect for Open Events

Especially if your event is open to the public or those who attend aren’t automatically entered into email lists, this can be a fast way to invite event goers to subscribe to your email marketing. This includes events or webinars you’re sponsoring, presenting, or co-hosting.

Simple Smartphone Process

Quick and simple, all they must do is text to your code to provide them with a link to your subscription form. And just like that, they can easily sign up and join your mailing list. Check out our post, Grow Your List with Subscribe by Text, for full details.

From webinars to speaking engagements, combining the power of your email marketing with your event preparation can lead to more higher turnouts and better results for future engagement.

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