What are FeedBlitz’s policies on subscriber import?

  1. Import is self-service; you do not have to wait for our approval as our automated anti-abuse features will stop the import if it does not comply with our policies.
  2. No spamming.
  3. You can only import subscribers you have permission to mail to, which includes email subscribers from other contact services or FeedBurner.
  4. No generic addresses e..g info@, support@ etc. will be imported.
  5. If your message text looks like it is spam your import will be prevented.
  6. If any of your addresses match those on our internal black lists, your import will be prevented.
  7. You may not import a subscriber who has previously been deleted or unsubscribed from any other list you manage.
  8. You may not import any subscriber whose address has been bounced out of FeedBlitz or whose account has been closed for any reason.
  9. You may not import addresses which look spammy to us based on our experience.
  10. You may only run one import at a time.
  11. Imports are permitted during trial and ad-funded periods, but imports which take a list over 5,000 subscribers require a mandatory upgrade.
  12. No spamming!

All imports are monitored like any other mailing. If your import is blocked you will have to contact support to re-enable your import privileges. Imports where complaints or other metrics we monitor are too high will result in immediate and automatic account suspension without refund as laid out in our terms of service.