What aspects of subscriber list management does FeedBitz automate for me?

If you’re wondering what parts of subscriber list management FeedBlitz handles for publishers, you’re in luck because we work hard to take care of your needs completely.

1. All aspects of the online subscription process, including:

  • Dual op-in confirmation
  • CAPTCHA verification (image or audio) to prevent automated spambots
  • IP and time stamp logging
  • Automatically reminding subscribers with pending subscriptions after 3 days
  • Automatically cancelling subscriptions that are not activated after 6 days.
  • Custom field / lead demographic data capture and encryption.

2. Bounce and complaint handling

  • Hard bounces (i.e. address does not exist etc) are removed immediately.
  • Soft bounces (e.g. quota failures, ambiguous or generic delivery failure reports) are removed after 2 weeks with 3 or more uncorrected delivery failures.
  • Feedback loop notifications from ISPs are immediately removed and a complaint recorded.
  • Spam challenge / response verification emails are treated as soft bounces.  FeedBlitz does not respond to such emails.

3. Import, export and activity tracking.

  • Optionally track opens and click throughs in total and by subscriber.

All aspects of subscriber management are found under the dashboard for each newsletter.