What do I need to add to my White List? How can I authenticate inbound mail?

The best way to ensure consistent delivery is to add FeedBlitz to your whitelist. Depending on your email setup, you may need to update more than one white list (e.g. in your personal email app, and then at your inbound email server). No matter where you update your list of allowed senders or contacts, the sending address to approve is always feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com

For consumers using retail ISPs (Internet Service Providers), you should add the FeedBlitz email address at your ISP’s white list function, so that mail is always forwarded to your inbox. In addition, add the same FeedBlitz email address in your personal email app if you don’t use your ISP’s web mail. Some ISPs (e.g. AOL) offer different ways to block junk mail. You need to set these settings to block by sender. Finally, you should also add our sending email address to your address books at your ISP and your email app, which can also help correct any mis-delivery.

For organizations running their own email servers, please ensure that you white list feedblitz@mail.feedblitz.com in your spam filters. Subscriber mailings from FeedBlitz will always identify us as the PRA (purported responsible authority) via the SMTP sender header. In addition, subscriber mailings from FeedBlitz will only come from hosts identified in our SPF records, and will ALSO be authenticated using DKIM. Mail which purports to come from the mail.feedblitz.domain but fails SPF or DKIM authentication should be rejected.