What is the difference between the "easy" and "advanced" email template editors?

Your newsletter’s template is the design, layout and formatting HTML into which your articles are inserted by FeedBlitz, creating the finished newsletter. Both template editors are available under Newsletters | Settings.

The Easy template editor allows you to upload a logo, position it on the screen, and make some basic font and layout choices. It’s good enough for most people who simply want a little control and to have their logo at the top of each mailing. You can also use the easy editor to “jump start” an advanced template. The easy editor is simple to use and does not require any HTML knowledge or awareness of Feedblitz’s tagging system.

The advanced editor gives you much more control over the HTML and other elements. You can add and upload more images for your mailings, insert ads or sponsorships that you may have sold, combine multiple RSS feeds ito a single newsletters, and more. It is a WYSIWYG editor with full HTML source code access. Using the advanced editor you can insert and control many more elements of the newsletter’s look and feel, including adding your own CSS, realigning images from your feed and more.

We recommend new or relatively inexperienced HTML and CSS coders start with the basic editor and then graduate to the advanced one later. Saving a basic template will overwrite an advanced one, and vice versa.