Where is the HTML subscription form code?

As a publisher, you want to advertise your sign up and encourage your readers to sign up for your newsletters. Publishers can either use the Classic Forms or the SmartForms to access and customize the code.

First, click on your Newsletter from the Account Dashboard.  Next, click the “I Want To” button in the upper right area of the page.

Select “Subscription forms and links” from the drop down menu.  On the next page you can select either the Classic Form or the SmartForm.

On the SmartForm, you can access the code by selecting the “Code” tab.  The Classic Form has the code displayed on the page.

Remember while it is possible to add the code from your SmartForm to your site in multiple widgets, this will break the FeedBlitz SmartForm. If you want to display a form in multiple places or styles or widgets clone the form and grab the code from the newly generated form.