Win the Inbox: Comparing Email Marketing and Facebook


If you’re obsessing about your Facebook page, you’re missing out.

I know. It’s easy to focus on social media audiences. But their organic reach is terrible and declining, with single digit – or worse – engagement rates.

What, then, is the secret to getting consistent and successful audience interaction?

Comparing and integrating Facebook (and social media in general) with email marketing’s proven results is the topic for this episode of Win the Inbox.

I’m your host, Phil Hollows, CEO of email service provider, and “Win the Inbox” is where I answer one email marketing question in three minutes or less, to help you meet your personal and professional goals.

Facebook’s organic reach is terrible – there’s a reason they’re always pushing you to buy ads. Only a few of your followers see each post, and engagement is poor, even when a “like” counts as a meaningful interaction.

It’s the same everywhere. The signal to noise ratio is low, the engagement to audience ratio worse.

But did you know that average open rates for email are over 20%? When was the last time a post on your social media platforms got that? (Don’t bother checking – the answer’s never).

Email marketing works.

It works because you have permission from the subscriber to deliver directly to their inbox; it’s the ultimate push medium.

Emails aren’t lost in an auto-refreshing feed. They sit patiently in the inbox, ready to be opened, searched, indexed, reopened, clicked on. All the time. Any time.

Emails contain rich content that’s unrestricted by social media platform rules.

Think about it. Signing up is work; you know the drill. Everyone on your list is therefore that much more committed to start with, because they’ve invested effort in joining. Invested effort in giving you that permission I talked about earlier.

Look around at the web sites you visit. They all have popups and lead magnets and subscription forms. They win your attention on social media, but how they keep it – and own it – is with email marketing.

Copy them. They do it for a reason.

Firstly, use social media to drive signups. Have a “join my list” call to action in every post, every video, every podcast, every page, every bio.

Secondly, make clear the value in signing up. Offer incentives to join, such as a free download, an e-book, a coupon, or a monthly sweepstakes. Or give them privileged access to promotions, to events or to you and your work.

Then? Use email to drive them back to your social media presence in a coherent, cohesive, cross-platform marketing strategy. For example, if you’re hosting an event on social media, the best way to drive traffic to it is with email marketing.

By all means build your audience on social media. But make the most of it, with email marketing.

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