Win the Inbox: Why Should You Use Email Marketing?


How email future-proofs your business.

Why should you be using email marketing? Why, with Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and YouTube and influencers and Etsy, should you be using email to market and sell with? Is email marketing really the best use of your time, and can it really move your business forward?


The number one reason you need to embrace email marketing is as simple as this: Your business’s future depends upon it. 

And that’s the topic of this episode of “Win the Inbox” where I, your host, Phil Hollows, CEO of email service provider, answer one email marketing question in three minutes or less, to help you meet your personal and professional goals.

There are basically three things that email marketing delivers.

  1. Amazing engagement 
  2. Predictable Sales
  3. Future-proofing your business

While engagement and sales are two great reasons why you need to be using email marketing, the one I really want to talk about today is future-proofing your business.

That’s right: email marketing future proofs your business. 

With email marketing, you own your list. Unlike, say, your Facebook fans, Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers or Etsy buyers. Those people are not yours. They belong to the platform, not you. You can’t get at them. 

Unless they’re on your email list.

The platforms you’re building on are all advertising companies with interesting social, photo or search engines attached. Their business models work against what you think their purpose is, so you buy advertising from them. Organic platform performance will only get worse, because it’s not in their shareholders interest to make it better, and you’re the one holding the bag.

Unless you have an email list.

Platforms can change their algorithms. They can block you. They can go out of fashion. They can even fail. If you’re relying on Facebook or Instagram or Etsy to build your business, remember that you’re building your business on someone else’s digital land. Which they control, not you. What happens to your business when they change the rules to suit their business? Or traffic craters when Google changes the search algorithm again? Or you stop buying ad space from your retail outlet? 

If that traffic goes away, what can save your business? 

Your email list, that’s what. 

Because you can generate sales and run your marketing with your email list.

Why? Because It’s your list. It’s algorithm independent. It’s platform independent. And since email lists are portable, you can use any of the many email marketing services that are out there, including FeedBlitz! 

Email marketing doesn’t have that risk. Email marketing is the only way to protect yourself and your business in the ever changing digital landscape. Platforms may come and go, but everyone has an email account. 

Don’t be a digital tenant on someone else’s app. Own your business. Own your lists. 

That’s why you need to embrace email marketing.

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