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On a mission to save the inbox, one email at a time.

Ever feel like the email marketing space is changing day by day? One minute you have 10 people insisting you HAVE to do something and the next day it's another 10 people insisting the exact opposite is the way to go.

There's so much misinformation out on the web when it comes to best practices, it can be hard to know what actually works.

And thus - Win the Inbox was born!

Each week you'll be privy to insider knowledge on what works, what you can hold out on doing, and what you can skip all together in the world of email marketing. You can even submit your questions in the form below.

Because time and attention are precious commodities we don’t have enough of, Win the Inbox has your back.

Hi there, I'm Phil Hollows. FeedBlitz founder, CEO, and resident FeedBlitz space geek. It's been nearly 20 years since I stepped foot into the world of email marketing, and with a front row seat, I can tell you from first-hand knowledge, a lot has changed! 

I started FeedBlitz back in 2005 when I couldn't find an email solution, with reliable, HUMAN support I could count on. Since then I've written a book on best practices to building an email list, grown FeedBlitz to be a leader in email deliverability, and learned quite a bit along the way. Win the Inbox is my chance to share it all with you - at your own listening or reading convenience. 

Accurate information. Essential answers to essential email marketing questions. Bite-sized chunks that respect you, your time, and your attention.

Now, are you ready to Win the Inbox? Let's get started.

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