WordPress RSS Feed Plugin: Major Update!

FeedBlitz’s FeedSmart RSS plugin for WordPress has just been updated – and it’s one heck of a release! The plugin gives power bloggers, podcasters and media sites complete control over RSS feed redirection, enabling finer control over RSS serving, monetization strategies, switching away from FeedBurner, and more.

Key features of the plugin are:

  • Default post and comment feed redirects.
  • Category-specific feed redirects.
  • Category feed redirect exclusions.
  • Custom author feeds.

Crucially, the plugin allows webmasters and non-techies to avoid the difficult, error-prone and high risk task of editing (and potential for messing up) their .htaccess files, saving energy, aggravation and downtime. This simplification brings multifeed third party serving and tracking within the abilities of regular bloggers or content marketers to set up, without having to wait for and/or hire expensive design, IT or other third party resources.

For webmasters, VAs and agencies, the plugin allows faster configuration of complex sites, allowing providers to not only deliver greater value to their clients much more quickly, but also exert much greater control over the process.

Why Redirect Your FeedBlitz RSS Feeds?

Remember, your RSS feeds should enable visitors to subscribe on your own domain by publicizing your own feed address. That way, you control the feed and the audience, while the FeedSmart plugin allows FeedBlitz to serve the RSS feed on your behalf and report its usage metrics at the same time.

This is where many, many bloggers and businesses inadvertently went wrong with FeedBurner. By publicizing the FeedBurner (feeds.feedburner.com) URL, control of the subscribers was given to FeedBurner along with the traffic, making reclaiming them a real headache without tools, documentation and support (click here for the Migration Guide). Using FeedBlitz FeedSmart helps eliminate that risk in the future, and also lets you manage your migration away from FeedBurner on a feed-by-feed basis.

For Podcasters

Using the FeedBlitz FeedSmart RSS feed plugin, you can tell your WordPress site to redirect your podcast feed to a different FeedBlitz feed, with (say) AutoCast enabled, and your regular blog traffic to your default RSS feed here at FeedBlitz. You can therefore track your podcast usage and blog subscribers in the same feed management platform, without interfering with your podcast generation app / plugin.

Alternatively, you can now use the plugin’s innovative “Exclusion” capability to have FeedBlitz redirect and track everything except the podcast feed. So you can keep your podcast on a “native” BluBrry feed, for example, while letting FeedBlitz handle the rest of your RSS service needs. FeedBlitz, with this updated plugin, now gives you the power and control to choose how you deliver your RSS feed content to your different audiences.

For Media Sites

Multi-author sites, or sites with dedicated popular content categories, can now create multiple FeedBlitz feeds for the authors and categories, and map them into different WordPress site categories and / or author fields. Or not! Again, you have the control and the ability to collect individual feed consumption metrics as you wish, depending on your needs.

For FeedBurner Migration

Now you can control in great detail how and when to migrate your RSS feeds from FeedBurner. With multiple feeds, some redirecting and perhaps some not, you can control how and when to move each RSS feed’s subscribers over to FeedBlitz. Using individual feeds at FeedBlitz for different areas of your site, you can separately control how and when each FeedBurner audience segment is transitioned, monetized, served the migration notice, and optionally whether the original feed is deleted from FeedBurner (if at all).

If you’re nervous about migration, you can now build and test out the migration process on one content category before transitioning your whole audience on their main feed(s).

For Monetization

With multiple feeds now redirecting from WordPress to FeedBlitz, publishers can now easily choose which content to monetize via FeedBlitz’s RSS and email newsletter platform, and which not. This gives considerably more flexibility for bloggers to earn from their content from their feed (and downstream email and social media) subscribers.


The new plugin is available now as an update in the WordPress plugin repository.

Attribution and Gratitude

My thanks to Andy Bailey of CommentLuv who has worked extensively on the FeedBlitz plugin and is responsible for this update. If you’re on WordPress do check out the CommentLuv audience building system, as well as the anti-spambot plugin Andy and I both have been involved with, GASP.

By the way, if you ARE a CommentLuv user, note that FeedBlitz has code especially for CommentLuv to enable links to work as you want, even with FeedBlitz’s link tracking.