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We recognize that being forced to pick a new email option is a sudden and unexpected item on your Q2 to-do list. We're happy you're here - and look forward to helping you during this transition.

Switching email service providers or redirecting your RSS feed can feel overwhelming and confusing. We've put together various resources to help streamline your experience, and make your switch as smooth as possible. 

It's official: Google is ending FeedBurner email.

Beginning "mid August", 2021, FeedBurner email updates will no longer be available (nor will Blogger's Follow-By-Mail). We've put together a seven step guide to ensure your subscribers continue receiving your email updates.

Which plan is right for you?

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Are you using FeedBurner to send email updates to your blog's subscribers, or Blogger's Follow-By-Mail?

If so, then you need our Email Plan. After all, it is this functionality that Google is taking away from you.

With this plan you can design your email template, import your subscribers, set a schedule, and your subscribers will automatically receive their emails.

It's that simple! Click the button below to learn more and start your free trial:

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Do you have a podcast feed and need greater capacity, flexibility, and options? 

Then the Procaster RSS plan is for you - as long as you don't need email updates.

From iTunes to Facebook, iPhone to Android, blog to email, your RSS feed will be fully supported with 5x's the capacity regular feed providers offer (and ten times more than FeedBurner's 512k limit - which means all your episodes can fit in your feed). You also get real-time analytics, a variety of customization options, diagnostic capabilities, and (of course) access to FeedBlitz's live support team. If you're a power feed user, and don't need email, this is the plan for you.

Learn more about our Procaster RSS plan here: 

Have questions about the end of FeedBurner email service?

We cover a wide-array of questions in a dedicated FeedBurner FAQ page. If you have a question that's not covered, hit the chat icon in the lower-right corner of your screen to connect with a support team member.

Why Choose FeedBlitz as your FeedBurner Replacement

If you’re worried about the end of FeedBurner email but LOVE the ease of RSS powered newsletters, talk to our team.

RSS to email is core to what we do because that’s how we got our start. FeedBlitz has the industry’s best RSS to email capabilities, are GDPR compliant, have outstanding deliverability, coupled with full local support, monetization opportunities, and no hassle no overages pricing. Did you know that FeedBlitz powered the original FeedBurner email option? This is what we do, and we do it better than anyone else.

We love email. We love RSS. And we love bringing them together.

Don't stress. You're covered and supported with FeedBlitz.