Does FeedBlitz use double opt-in?

For all subscriptions created online, FeedBlitz requires dual opt-in. This ensures the highest quality lists for publishers using FeedBlitz, and that we maintain our excellent delivery rates.

When someone enters an email address online at FeedBlitz to start a subscription, the user must also:

a) Successfully pass the CAPTCHA image verification test (an audio equivalent exists for the visually impaired)

b) Activate the account by clicking on the link that is sent to them via email (this is the dual opt-in step).

Step (a) proves that a human (and not a machine or spambot) is completing the form, and step (b) verifies that the owner of the email address in question really does want the subscription to be activated.

If the dual opt-in is not activated, FeedBlitz will send a reminder three days later. Three days after that, if the subscription is still not activated by the recipient, it is deleted.

Unlike other services, publishers cannot opt out of the dual opt in and CAPTCHA requirements (although premium publishers typically get an invisible CAPTCHA). We enforce best practice on all our publishers and monitor all lists every day for anomalous behavior which is dealt with automatically if necessary.

Subscriber List Imports

For publishers transferring lists from other services, we repermission the list by sending an opt-out note to subscribers. The subscriber must opt out otherwise they are in by default. Imports are subject to comprehensive restrictions, checks, black list comparisons and more to prevent abuse. We prevent imports and block publisher accounts if any of our alarms trigger.

Provenance Data

Whether a subscription was created interactively or via an import we can and will share IP and other relevant data with a recipient if they wish to report abuse or find out more about a subscription’s provenance.